Hockey stars shine on and off the pitch

Fjordhus Reivers Under 14s 'Raiders', 'Rangers' and 'Rockets'
Fjordhus Reivers Under 14s 'Raiders', 'Rangers' and 'Rockets'

A trio of Fjordhus Reivers Under 14s hockey teams have been impressing East District league organisers as well as their contemporaries.

The Fjordhus Reivers club have three mixed squads, Rangers, Raiders and Rockets competing in the Under 14s league, which is played in Edinburgh on Sunday mornings.

The Season is divided in to two halves and at the end of the first standings are reviewed, allowing teams to be promoted for the second half of the season. And, having reached the midway stage, both the Raiders and the Rangers are likely to step up a rung.

All three teams have played some exceptional hockey and their attitude, effort and team spirit was commended by the organisers of the competition and also the other teams.

Borders hockey development officer Janet Jack said: “Congratulations to all the young players who have represented the club in the league, our young stars are fantastic both on and off the pitch. A big thank you must also go to everyone who has been involved in the players’ development over the past months.”

Reivers have over 70, U14 boys and girls who train on Thursday nights either at Selkirk, 5pm–6pm or Tweedbank 5.30pm–7.00pm. More info at