Hockey ladies make a winning start


Fjordhus Reivers ladies 1st XI took to the pitch last weekend for their first hockey game of the season, at home to George Heriots.

The hosts were a bit rusty from the long break and got off to a shaky start.

However, they soon settled in to their game, linking passes all over the pitch which led to countless attacks on George Heriots’ back line.

Initially, the visitors coped with the barrage, but Fjordhus were soon able to find gaps in their structure and forced their way into the circle on a number of occasions, leading to several penalty corners.

The first goal came in the first half from Fjordhus’ debuting player, Gwen Morton Lloyd.

A fantastic run left her unrivalled in front of the opposition’s goalmouth, making it easy for a team mate to rocket a pass from the half way line on to Morton Lloyd’s stick and into George Heriot’s net.

The second goal also came from Fjordhus’ newest arrival. A very effective outletting manoeuvre, deep in the right hand corner, led to a series of one-two passes, weaving in and out of the opposition’s defence, and Morton Lloyd slotted the ball home for 2-0.

Tara Aitchison also got on the scoresheet – this materialised from a great outlet through the midfield from Julia Corcoran to Maris Cawthorn on the right. Her pace up the line allowed her to find Iona Kellet high in the right hand corner, whose skilful drive along the base line and cut back to penalty spot saw Aitchison’s slot it first-time past the keeper.

George Heriots capitalised on a late lapse of concentration from the young home side to pull back a goal.