Hawick club is happily still thriving

The badminton club members.
The badminton club members.

Wilton Badminton Club recently held its annual dinner in the Santa Marina restaurant.

Although not all members could be present, it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion, which lasted well into the night.

The club has been in existence for many years, stretching back to the early 1970s and, as one of the most successful clubs in theBorders, is still competing at the highest level locally.

During the latter end of 1980, the club was able to field six teams in the Hawick Badminton Association, which is a record for any club.

At that same time, it had a team playing in the First Division of the Border League, which has continued since then.

With the advantage of having two courts, the club is a hive of activity every Monday night during the season.

It remains in a very healthy position with a steady membership and is financially sound – so much so that club funds covered the cost of the dinner and drinks for all.

Having long-time member Harry Turnbull as club coach and president is a huge advantage, as newcomers are helped to learn the game and those of a higher standard also avail of his experience and expertise.

Several of those coached by Harry, including Ewan Godfrey, still play to a high level in the Borders and elsewhere.

Next season begins on Monday, September 2 at 7pm.

Pictured (back standing) Laura Turnbull and president Harry Turnbull. Seated (from left) Albert Thompson, Michael Aitken, Bert Robertson, Stacey Forsythe, Kenneth Forsyth, Scott Elliot, Arran Norman, Dr June Bell, Stuart Bell, Mark Borthwick.