Great success in the saddle for Borders vaulting group

The winning novice section from Reivers Vaulting Club.
The winning novice section from Reivers Vaulting Club.

The British Vaulting Championships for 2017 were held at Morris Equestrian Centre in Ayrshire – and the Reivers Vaulting Group enjoyed a superb weekend.

Five individual British champions were received, while the Novice Team also came away as the new British champions.

The Novice Team competed on Jays Fortitude, lunged by Anna-Marie Macpherson. The vaulters were Katie Buchan, Elsa Hibbert, Willow Belham, Archie Brewis, Rose Playfair and Lottie Redpath.

Stacey Macpherson capped a fabulous year by winning the senior Individual 2 star class. She has gone the whole season unbeaten in Britain and won two internationals. Stacey Vaults on Bankey Moon, lunged by Rebecca Hewit.

The Junior 2 star class was won by Emma Counsell. She has also had a brilliant year, being placed second at two internationals and making her individual debut at this year’s World Championships where she finished in a very well deserved 20th place and the highest of the British competitors. Emma also vaults on Bankey Moon and was delighted to be awarded the Rankings Trophy for the highest junior competitor in Britain.

Aimee Gillie performed two brilliant rounds to finish second to Emma in the Junior 2 star class and was also thrilled to be named third in Great British rankings. Ally Simmonds also competed in the 2 star Junior class and finished in a good fifth place. Both girls vaulted on Bankey Moon.

Henry Johnston Smith competed in 2 star male class and made everyone laugh with his Mr Bean routine, which resulted in a good second place. Henry has had a very consistent season and enjoyed his individual debut also at the World Championships, where he finished in 17th place. But his consistency paid off as he was awarded the Rankings Trophy for Junior Males. Stacey swapped roles to lungeing this time and Henry vaulted on Mahon Vale.

Sophie Thomson has had a brilliant year individually and was thrilled to win the Junior 1 star female class. Also vaulting on Mahon Vale, she led from the start and had two lovely freestyle rounds. Willow Bellham also had a great weekend to finish in third place, also on Mahon Vale.

The Junior one star male class was won by Archie Brewis, lunged by Anna Marie Macpherson, and vaulting on Jays Fortitude.

In the child classes, Minta Younger has also performed extremely well this year and is unbeaten in Britan. She won the 2 star child female class, vaulting on Mahon Vale, lunged by Stacey Macpherson. Minta was also awarded the Child Ranking Trophy for Great Britain. Second in this class was Elsa Hibbert, also on Mahon Vale.

Katie Buchan led the way in the child one star class. She impressed the judges with her James Bond-themed freestyle and was delighted to be awarded British Champion on board Mahon Vale. Altea Campbell was fourth in a huge class of 12 and under pre-novices on board Pitucelli, lunged by Claire Wishart.

The Pre-novice team of Connie White, Grace White, Nicola Thomson, Grace Playfair, Altea Campbell and Peyton Phillips did a brilliant job to finish in fourth place on Jays Fortitude, lunged by Anna Marie Macpherson.

It was a brilliant weekend, well supported by all the Reivers’ parents.