Glasgow Tigers 58-34 Berwick Bandits

Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway

A first race win for Mathias Thomblom, two victories for guest Ricky Wells, and another battling performance from Thomas Jorgensen, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Berwick going to a heavy defeat at Glasgow on Sunday.

Wells, guesting for Claus Vissing, won his first two races, whilst Thomblom won his last race, after failing to finish in his first three rides.

Jorgensen, meanwhile, again top-scored with 11 points, which included one heat win and a second as a double-pointed tactical.

But in truth the Bandits were overpowered by the Tigers, who saw two riders, Richard Lawson (paid 17) and guest Josh Graczonek (13+1), drop only one point each from six and five races respectively.

And with Aaron Summers winning three races, and dropping only two points from his five starts, the home side were always in the ascendancy.

Berwick took a 2-4 from heat one, but this was the only time they were in front, as Glasgow hit back with three heat advantages in a row to lead 15-9.

With Wells and Jorgensen winning in five and seven, Bandits kept the deficit at 24-18, but two 5-1s in nine and 11 put the home side 42-26 up and within touching distance of victory.

Thomblom took the chequered flag in 12, but three more heat advantages in 13, 14 and 15 saw the Tigers extend their lead for a comfortable win.

Glasgow: Lawson 15+2, Grajczonek 13+1, Summers 13, Palovaara 7+3, Sarjeant 5+1, Morris 5.

Berwick: Jorgensen 11, Wells 8, Doolan 5, Hall 4, Thomblom 3, Garcia 2, Edberg 1+1.