Fjordhus Reivers IV 1-1 Kelso III

14-year-old Polly Bell from Selkirk awaits her chance
14-year-old Polly Bell from Selkirk awaits her chance

Fjordhus Reivers IV1

Kelso III1

Fjordhus Reivers went head-to-head to with local rivals Kelso at Tweedbank in a game that saw end-to-end play throughout.

The Tweedsiders were quick of the mark and went ahead when some slick passing allowed Shania Dalgleish to slip the ball past the Reivers keeper early in the first half.

The hosts responded well, working the ball back up the pitch on numerous occasions but unable to show the same composure in the circle that they have displayed in previous weeks allowing Kelso to retain their lead at half-time.

As battle commenced the Reivers managed to work the ball skilfully past the Kelso defence once again and this time with numbers in the circle and Selkirk youngster Polly Bell managed to pop the ball into the back of the goal for the equaliser.

Looking for the win Kelso put pressure on the home side’s defence from the restart. An attacking player drove the ball towards the goal, to be met by Emma Duncan outside the circle. The tackle was made and the ball was lifted high into the top left hand corner of the goal. However, after both umpires stopped play to confirm the events, the ball was called to have been played from outside the circle and the long corner awarded. With the Kelso players determined the Reivers team had to work tirelessly to clear the ball, in which they succeeded.