First win from Fjordhus Reivers fledgling team

Fjordhus Reivers IV1

Edinburgh Uni VIII0

The newly-formed Fjordhus Reivers IV ladies’ hockey team had their first win of the season against Edinburgh University 8s at home last weekend.

The young Borderers showed an increased determination and an improved structure.

The first half saw numerous attacking opportunities for the home team, which unfortunately could not be finished until a break away attack saw Ashleigh Roberts pass across the circle to Emma Duncan, who slotted the ball in past the keeper. The first half finished 1-0 to the hosts.

After the break, Uni tried to win a goal back, however, the Reivers defence, alongside great goalkeeping from Hazel Kevan, denied the university side.

This was a brilliant performance which led to a much-deserved win.