Endurance season ends better than it started

THE Scottish Borders Endurance Riding Club (SBERC) ended another successful and eventful season by holding their final ride of the year last week.

By all accounts this season has been challenging to say the least, with many rides being cancelled throughout the year due to the extreme weather conditions.

Nevertheless, Peter and Ashley Close of Fishwick Mains Farm near Paxton, managed to pull out all the stops in order to provide a weatherproof route with distances of 80km, 60km, 50km, and 33km as well as a 20km pleasure ride.

Competitors on the day came from as far afield as Cumbria, Durham, and Glasgow, as well as the Borders.

Some of the far-flung horses and riders stayed overnight on the Saturday and made use of the camping and corralling facilities on offer.

Riders witnessed a fantastic route out over the surrounding countryside, which consisted of quiet country lanes, lovely grassy tracks and fields, as well as disused railway line and, of course, some fantastic scenery.

The larger distance riders had the challenge of heading out to the Berwick coastline, using the overpass at East Ord and underpass at Bridge Mill near Haggerston in order to cross the A1.

Once achieved they were met by a lovely stretch of coastal path and beach, before returning via the villages of Ancroft and Norham.

In all, 36 land owners and farmers were involved in helping set up the final event and without their support the ride would not have gone ahead.

SBERC wish to thank everyone who helped make the ride possible and to say well done to everyone who took part on the day, especially to Borders member Jeremy Moon, who, in his 80th year, completed 80km, while also raising money in order to support the charity The Light Dragoons in which he is involved.

And Rachel Dewar of Allanton near Duns, also in her 80th year, completed the 60km distance.

Anyone who wants to get involved next year or just wants more information can visit www.scottishendurance.com