Borders players score excellent away win

The Reivers 2s squad which performed so well in West Lothian
The Reivers 2s squad which performed so well in West Lothian

Livingston and West Lothian 1s 4, Fjordhus Reivers 2s 6

Fjordhus Reivers 2s travelled to Livingston to play a mature host 1sts team.

Reivers had a rocky hockey start, with Livingston attacking well.

Before the home team could score, Reivers brought in their ‘A’ game and, after some great linkage up the side, Meghan Campbell was able to execute a reverse shot into the back of the net.

Reivers continued to stay strong and challenge the Livingston defence before Chloe Richardson also smashed a reverse shot into the top corner.

Determined to come back, Livingston worked hard to get up the pitch and eventually got a goal.

Frustrated to still be behind, Livingston took two green cards. From here, Reivers controlled the game and, after a run up the wing, from Mairi Forbes, Rosanna Prentice deflected the ball into the goal.

Leading 3-1 at half time, Borders spirits were high and the team was keen to score some more.

Soon enough, Reivers won a penalty corner, where Richardson placed a great pass into the net for her second goal.

A fantastic Reivers defence, of Louise Garwood, Olivia Henderson, Caoimhe Minnikin and Chloe Richardson, proved a difficult force for the Livingston side to get past.

Supporting them was goalkeeper Olivia O’Leary, who made lots of excellent saves.

After a break from the Reivers defence, Campbell ran past two Livingston defenders before taking a shot from the top of the circle and placing it in the bottom corner, putting Reivers 5-1 up.

From here, Livingston were driven to catch up and a couple of slip-ups in defence from the away team saw Livingston take the score to 3-5 within 10 minutes.

Reacting well to this, Reivers bounced back with some energetic passing and moving from midfielders Lucy Bell, Naesi de Zoeten, Kady Hulme, Molly Darling and Meghan Campbell, which allowed them to secure a sixth goal through Darling’s strike.

From here, Reivers continued to break Livingston’s defence but the attempts were all saved.

With only seven minutes to go, Livingston challenged the Reivers defence and, after some tussle in front of Reivers ‘keeper O’Leary, the ball rolled over the line to give Livingston a fourth goal.

It was a great team performance from Fjordhus Reivers 2s, with lots to take away from the game as well as the win.