Borders hockey squads look back on best-ever season of success

The Reivers' U16 Scottish silver medallists.
The Reivers' U16 Scottish silver medallists.

Fjordhus Reivers hockey club enjoyed a “fantastic” evening at Selkirk Rugby Club, celebrating the successes and achievements of its “best season ever”, in the words of head coach Janet Jack.

“There were lads of success stories at regional and national level from our family-friendly club, from the fantastic positions in the leagues, to the number of players gaining representative honours and to many individuals’ outstanding personal achievements throughout the season 2018-19,” said Janet.

“We are very fortunate to have the continued support of our main sponsors Fjordhus and also the support of Clubsport Ettrick and Lauderdale, Clubsport Roxburgh and the Rowan Boland Trust, who financially support many of our young players involved in national Scottish squads.”

Representative honours included:

U18 girls Scotland – Hannah Miller. U16 girls Scotland – Livvy Hogg, Erin Lawrence, Molly Byers. Masters Scotland – Jackie Wilson, Carolyn Allison, Janet Jack. National Academy U16s – Emma Lawrence. Regional Academy – Jess Main, Molly Darling, Sophie Younger, Kady Hulme. U14 girls South – Jessica Main, McKenzie Crick, Freya Hawson, Tiggy Mathieson, Lily Byers, Ailish Fairbairn, Katie McDonald, Luisa Brown, Maartje De Zoeten. U16 girls South – Sophie Younger, Lucy Bell, Molly Byers, Imogen Dawson, Mairi Forbes, Olivia Henderson, Livvy Hogg, Kady Hulme, Emma Jamieson, Erin Lawrence. U18 girls South – Dani Walker, Hollie Grieve, Christie Rout, Chloe Aitchison, Meghan Campbell, Charlotte Fairburn, Lara Howard, Amy Inglis, Ellen Keefe, Beth Logan, Hannah McNair, Hannah Millar, Caoimhe Minnikin, Molly Turnbull.

Awards (chosen by the players):

L1s – Christie Rout, L2s – Imogen Dawson and Jacks Wilson, L3s – Lucy Bell, L4s – Amy Davenport, L5s – Molly Darling. Men – Kriss Darling, U18s – Hannah Miller, U16 performance – Molly Darling, U16 development – Lily Byers. U14 girls – Luisa Brown, U14 boys – Callum Young and Coran Hulme.

Award for consistent, outstanding commitment and winning attitude (chosen by the head coach):

Katie McDonald, Molly Byers, Jessica Main.

Outstanding contribution to club (chosen by the committee):

Helen Montgomery.