Border Games summer circuit concludes at Morebattle

Final 200m Handicap (Open) winner John Paxton with his son Daniel, also a cup winner (picture by Steve Cox).
Final 200m Handicap (Open) winner John Paxton with his son Daniel, also a cup winner (picture by Steve Cox).

There was some excellent running, hotly-competed races, heavy rain and bright sunshine.

Taking the honours in the main event on the card was Aberdeen’s Marcus Archer, who powered his way to victory in the 110 metres handicap.

Following a heat win in 12.00 seconds, Archer (7m) was placed second in his cross tie when beaten by Jedburgh runner Brodie Cowan (22m), who won in 11.93 seconds.

With the first three in the cross ties qualifying, Archer, however, found himself in the final, along with Cowan, Scott Tindle of TLJT (9m), Craig Smith of Jedburgh (11.5m), Angus Bryce of Kelso (9.5m) and Graeme Armstrong of Edinburgh (21m).

In the last run, which conjured up a photo finish ending, Archer got the verdict from Cowan and Armstrong in 12 seconds.

Hawick Riverside Peds Daniel Paxton (41m) followed up his recent 400 metres success at Inverkeithing Games by triumphing again over the same distance on the Tofts track.

Daniel clocked up a winning time of 53.91 seconds.

The Hawick athlete’s two past wins have been very special ones as, four years back, he was involved in a bad car accident and it was feared he might never run on the track again.

Time has since changed this, though, through Daniel’s great attitude and determination in battling back to his beloved sport.

Daniel’s father, John Paxton, made it a family double by doing the business in the 200 metres handicap.

A two-time winner of the Morebattle games sprint, Paxton (35m) soared to victory in the final in 23 seconds.

In the 800 metres handicap, Grant Kennedy of Auchterarder (150m) showed the field a clean pair of heals to win in 1 minute 56 seconds.

He was brought up at Mellerstain, near Kelso, and is the son of the late Bob Kennedy, a well-known face on the circuit during the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Running with the John Lauder School from Kelso, he won the New Year 800m in 1973.

Grant trains himself but copies schedules from Margot Kirk, from Earlston, who used to coach Blackhill Harriers and then Borders Amateur Athletics Club in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Victory in the 1600 metres handicap went the way of back marker Darrell Hastie, of Gala Harriers (40m), in 4 minutes 44.45 seconds.

Angus Bryce (scratch) won the 110 metres confined handicap. Youth results:

90 metres championship – 1 Euan Amos, Jed AC (19m), 2 Tess Renwick, TLJT (29m), 3 Ryan McMichan (13m).

200 youths B handicap – 1 Evie Renwick, TLJT (36m), 2 Tess Renwick, TLJT (57m), 3 Ava Lees, TLJT (54m).

200 metres A handicap – 1 Tommy Beck, TLJT (23m), 2 Robyn Keddie, Leithenburn (35m), 3 Ella Austin Marshall, Leithenburn (38m).

400 metres – 1 Ruby Laing, Kelso (69m), 2 Louis Bonini, Hawick (65m), Jason White, TLJT (58m).

800 metres – 1 Aaron Glendining, Leithenburn (105m), Matty Fleming, Kelso (150m), Irvine Welsh, Hawick (130m).

1500 metres – 1 Robbie Welsh, Hawick (160m), 2 Oliver Hastie, Kelso (330m), 3 Katie Mckay, Leithenburn (370m).