Bandits seek replacement for injured Voldrih

Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway

Berwick have confirmed that Matic Voldrih is likely to be sidelined for ‘some considerable time’ following his injury sustained in Slovenia, and now the Bandits are actively looking for a replacement.

Promoter John Anderson says: “Matic has a complicated break of his tibia and fibula. He has had his leg pinned, but given the nature of the injury he is likely to be out for quite a while.”

Berwick have 5.66 available to find a replacement to keep them within the 42.5 team limit, but that rules out a return for former Bandit, and club asset Josef ‘Pepe’ Franc, who is currently on 5.67.

“We are now actively looking for a replacement,” said Anderson, “but we will take time to find the right rider.”

Co-promoter Dennis McCleary added: “To be fair to fans, ourselves and the rest of the team it is important we get back to a 7-man line-up as quickly as possible,” But with the season a month old already it is not easy!

“We had considered the option of waiting until the cut-off date for new averages, which is April 20th, but on scrutinising the figures we discovered as it stands at present after three 2015 fixtures, we’d have less points to play with, so that isn’t too good an option. It can change of course but even waiting to the cut off means no change could take place until 1st May so we felt we should move quickly.

“We are talking to available riders, and are close to making one deal happen – but as always, until we get a contract signed and the team change agreed by the BSPA, no announcement can be made”