Bandits seek replacement for injured Stichauer

Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway

Berwick have confirmed that they are ‘actively looking’ for a replacement for the injured Hynek Stichauer.

The Czech Republic rider broke his ankle whilst racing for the Bandits last month.

Initially it was thought they might be able to cover with rider replacement, but an injury sustained by Claus Vissing means team bosses have had to have a rethink.

Instead, rider replacement will operate for Vissing, who now sits second in the averages, and that means all riders can be used as cover.

“Ideally the club is looking to cover the Hynek Stichauer injury loss with a rider coming in,” said co-promoter Dennis McCleary.

“But it not easy getting someone to commit with the season almost half way .

“A lot of riders have other commitments, especially pre-contracted and at weekends, but hopefully something will knit into place.

“Claus - who last week confirmed he has snapped ligaments in his knee - hopes he may get back sooner rather than later with a knee brace as his is the most difficult position to cover with a new face, even short term given his good form this season.

“We are taking it step by step to see how he progresses. For June he goes back to second in the averages which allows all riders an extra outing. Remember when two riders in the top five are out, or as in the case at Rye House recently,where three were missing, you get one guest and one RR or two guests and one RR.”

Berwick have looked at several options but so far have not come up with an alternative.

There was no racing last weekend as Bandits’ original fixture against Sheffield had been switched to August.

This weekend (Saturday 13) there is again no racing at Shielfield, as the date clashes with the World Cup.

The Borderers, however, are in action at Redcar tonight (Thursday, June 11) and Plymouth on Friday (June 12) in the Premier League.

The next action at home will be on Saturday, June 20, when Plymouth make the return journey north.

Meanwhile, the dates for Berwick’s KO Cup quarter-final clash against Rye House have been confirmed.

The teams will meet in the first leg at Hoddesdon on Sunday, July 12, with the second leg at Shielfield on Saturday, July 25.