Bandits await clarification on Allen’s average

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Berwick are seeking confirmation on Jake Allen’s average before pressing ahead with their team-building plans for 2015.

Bandits have signed the young Australian for next summer’s campaign, but need clarification as to whether he will start out on an assessed five or seven point average.

“As you can appreciate,” we need to know what the situation is,” said club director George Hepburn.

“As Somerset have done, we don’t want to press ahead and complete our line-up, only to find we have to change it again.

“The Matej Kus situation with Redcar obviously affected us as well.

“We thought he was going to be staying with us, but Redcar had other ideas and that has meant us switching to Plan B, but what we don’t want to happen now is to have to switch the Plan C or D because our figures don’t add up.

“Obviously we are speaking with riders and the fans can rest assured we will have a team by the time the season starts next year.”