Auld Enemy gets the point

The winning Scottish squad from Ettrick Forest Archers.
The winning Scottish squad from Ettrick Forest Archers.

Last Sunday saw Ettrick Forest Archers (EFA) host the fifth clout competition between Scotland and England to commemorate the battle of Flodden.

This was the last battle fought in England to feature the longbow as a principal weapon.

Unfortunately, very few English archers turned up on this occasion (unlike 1513). Still, in the spirit of sporting fairness, anyone with a remotely English connection was seconded to the English ranks to help even things up a bit.

This, unfortunately, meant Highland’s Barbara Campbell, whose father was in the army and was born in England, shot for the English ladies and was top scorer on the day.

However, when the gents’ score and the ladies’ score were combined, the Scottish archers came out on top again.

Results on the day were – Double round gents winner: Adair Anderson (EFA) 40-91-0 – on countback pipping Kyle Fairbairn (EFA), who had the same hits, score and clouts, so it then went to the most fives. The morning single round medallist was Jimmy Stillie (EFA), while Kyle Fairbairn at least got the afternoon session medal.

In the shoot off by ends, Nick Murrell (EFA) emerged winner by one bow length.

In the ladies’ competition, Barbara Campbell (Highland Longbows) – English for the day – was double round winner with an outstanding 58-170-3.

The morning session medallist was Ev Craig (EFA) and afternoon medallist was Liz Rodgers (EFA).

Spot prize winners were most clouts (four) William Good (EFA) and most fours scored – Jackie Hale (EFA).

The ladies’ shoot-off was won by Barbara Campbell by a foot.