Arrow enthusiasts on target at Selkirk

The weekend's top target shooters.
The weekend's top target shooters.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Ettrick Forest Archers (ETA) held their annual BLBS Target and Clout competition, where archers from Northumbria, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Invernesshire and the Borders competed for the societies’ medals and the EFA Trophies.

Saturday’s open target competition took place in varying weather, from warm and muggy, cold, wet and windy, to damp calm, giving the archers a real test.

Archers shot 48 arrows from each of 60 and 50 yards. Gents’ winners were all from EFA – most hits Jimmy Stillie, highest score Doug Anderson, most golds Richard Tice. Ladies’ winners – most hits Barbara Campbell (Highland Longbows), highest score Ev Craig and most golds Kerry Holmes (both EFA). Junior winner on both days was EFA’s Logan Fairbairn. Gold sweep was won at 60 yards by EFA’s 84-year-old senior archer Trevor Austin.

Sunday’s open Clout was shot in much kinder weather – warm and sunny – but still with the Thirladean wind to contend with.

Gents Double clout winner of the EFA trophy was William Good, with Jimmy Stillie taking the morning medal (both EFA) and Ned O’Neil of Kilwinan Archers the afternoon medal.

The ladies winner was Ev Craig (EFA), with Barbara Campbell (Highland Longbows) taking the morning medal and Kerry Holmes (EFA) the afternoon.

Gents’ shoot off by best ends winner was Jim Bilby (Kilwinan Archers) and ladies best ends winner was Liz Rodgers of EFA.

John Morris of Green Hollow Bowmen presented the club with a print of a painting of an traditional archer, to be hung in the Ettrick Forest Archers’ howf.