Archers battle elements to bring home the silverware

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Last weekend saw more than 40 archers from Scotland, Ireland and England brave the worst weather yet encountered at Thirladean.

The Celtic Nations weekend was a fantastic success, however, especially for the Scottish team who won both the target and clout adult team trophies.

The Irish juniors won the team target on the Saturday, but the junior clout on Sunday was rather effectively taken by the Ettrick Forest Archers brother and sister team of Kyle and Logan Fairbairn.

The Saturday brought horrendous conditions with cold and wet archers so wind-beaten, they were often struggling to stand still, let alone shoot straight. But the Ettrick Forest Archers’ Open Target and Ailsa Trophy had to be contested.

Dominic McCarthy of Ireland won the gents’ target competition with a fantastic score, given the conditions, of 82 hits, for a score of 394, including seven golds. He also picked up the prize for best gold. The bronze medals for best score and most golds were won by Scotland’s Richard Hampshire and Ireland’s Jim O’Connell.

Barbara Campbell took the prize for the ladies’ target with 49, 219, 5, while Ettrick Forest’s Elaine Pearson and England’s Penny Axon won the bronzes.

Kyle beat his Irish opponents Connla McCarthy and Cameron Middleton (who both won bronzes) to the junior target with 34, 124, 0.

The weather on the Sunday for the Celtic Nations Clout was immensely better than the previous day, although the wind forgot to leave with the cold and rain.

But Green Hollow Bowmen couple Scott Nottman (92, 33, 2) and Emma Gillies (146, 53, 2) took pride of place in the gents’ and ladies’ double clout rounds, with Kyle again taking the honours in the juniors section.

In the gents’ competition, father and son act Jim and Martin Stillie took the first and second rounds respectively and Doug Anderson won the shoot-off by ends.

And in the ladies’ class, Barbara Campbell and Betty Wylie were the first and second round winners, with Barbara winning the shoot-off by hitting the clout. Irish pair Connla McCarthy and Cameron Middleton took the first and second round medals in the junior class.

Ettrick Forest Archers chairman Doug Anderson said: “A great weekend was had by all and it was fantastic to see so many archers take to the field.

“The weather on the Saturday was unbelievable, but we got through it.

“I’d like to thank all who helped on the day, including Viv Ross, who kindly took on the role of Lady Paramount, and Sir Michael Strang-Steel with whose kind permission we use the field at Thirladean.”