New classes in Chinese kung fu to open for students in Kelso

Kung fu girl
Kung fu girl

A new weekly class teaching the ancient Chinese martial art of Wing Chun kung fu is set to open to students in Kelso for the first time.

Developed for good health and spiritual well-being, as well as self defence,Wing Chun, the style of kung fu first popularised by Bruce Lee, was founded in China four centuries ago.

Kung fu man

Kung fu man

Said to have been created by a Buddhist nun who fled the burning of the Shaolin Temple, Wing Chun does not rely on strength or physical power, but on technique and energy, making it highly suitable for both men and women.

Classes have already been running at Stichill for 18 months and it has now been decided to open a weekly class in Kelso.

A town centre venue has already been sourced and training will commence once the minimum required number of beginners have registered interest with the South of Scotland Wing Chun School.

The introductory class will be free and training will be from 7.30-9pm every Thursday to begin with, with the aim of a second weekly class if numbers permit. Training sessions are led by Mark Entwistle, who has been practising Wing Chun since 1996.

“We’re a small but very welcoming training group, promoting open learning, mutual respect, personal development and enjoyment,” he said.

“But we need a certain minimum number to make the class viable, so, hopefully, there will be enough people in Kelso interested in coming along and trying it out.”

For details contact 07788 192080 or