Zambone arrives

THIS past week saw the Border Ice Rink open for the 2011-12 season just in time to catch the three-day heatwave, and all credit goes to Jim Keddie for turning on as good ice as could be expected in these circumstances, writes Alistair Lindsay.

With very high humidity prevailing, ice formed on the stones, thus providing a cushion whenever stones impacted which created unpredictable rubs and angles to challenge curlers’ skills.

The big event this week is the arrival of the Zambone ice machine. This has no connection with the Great Zambone of legend as related by Bill Mitchell.

This machine will enable Jim to maintain an economical ice thickness, thus reducing the energy required. This also explains the building extension at the rink, needed to house the machine which is almost the size of a Transit van.

By the time this news hits the public, the first round of the Masstock Border League will have been played, and most clubs will have had a session or two to awaken the different muscles needed for the next six months.