Young Borderers get on the podium

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AFTER 14 years the Borders’ badminton Under-12 squad has broken through in the prestigious Anglo-Scottish tournament.

The event has been in existence since 1997 with teams representing counties from as far as Yorkshire and Cumbria in England to the north and west of Scotland, participating over a full weekend.

Traditionally, local teams have struggled against counties with several times their population, but this year they punched well above their weight, winning three of their five matches to finish third overall.

With a mixture of experienced and some fledgling players, the Borders team was up for it from the start and after some titanic battles against some of the top players in both England and Scotland, finally got on the medal board. Each head-to-head match consisted of 15 games of singles, mixed and level doubles, each to the best of three games (two up to 21 and the final set up to 11). With a total of 75 games played, the Borders won 45 of them.

The two captains, Robbie Patterson (Eyemouth) and Linsey Young (Kelso), led their team superbly over the weekend.

This competition was not just about individual wins or losses, but about the performance as a whole, supporting and encouraging each other over the whole weekend.

Support also came from a deluge of very committed parents who cheered the team on.

Coaches Hardie, Purves and Young were all delighted with this result and with the team’s overall performance. Once again, these youngsters were great ambassadors for the Borders.