Wintery 2013 start for Braidwood marksmen

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SIMILAR to the last competition of 2012 at Braidwood, Jim Black used the format of four pairs on 10 stands for the inaugural 2013 event on Sunday.

Only four stands were duplicated in the second half, all the remaining targets shot being entirely different. Once again this made sure all squads finished before light deteriorated too far, although the temperature dipped, making for bitter cold conditions and sleet and snow after lunch.

Stuart Dawson (Bedlington) replicated his end-of-2012 performance with another 38 ex 40 in the first half, winning the Braidwood Challenge Trophy outright. Jim Brodie (Denholm) was runner-up, just a single clay adrift, while Donald Livingston (Edinburgh) and Gordon Boertien (Lockerbie) shared third place on 35.

Fortunes changed on Layout Two. This time John Craig (Edinburgh) and Sandy Burn (Kelso) tied pole position on 34 ex 40. Livingston, Boertien, Stuart Donaldson (Wallyford) and Nigel Rock (Kelso) just missed out on sharing the lead on 33.

The result of the aggregate title was unclear until all scores had been tallied, revealing a three-way tie for High Gun between Livingston, Brodie and Boertien, who all broke 68 ex 80. Donaldson managed 67 with Rock third highest on 66.

The next shoot at Braidwood is on Sunday, January 27, when Livingston defends the Big Stirrer. Entries close at noon – all welcome.