Wind fails to daunt club riders

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A DRY evening with some headwind on the return home didn`t slow the seven riders, taking part in last week’s 25-mile TT.

Results: 1, I. Pearson 1 hour 00 minutes 11 seconds: 2, G. Lawrie 1.01.13; 3, S. Mills 1.01.38; 4, S. Lowes 1.03.42; 5, B. Hamilton 1.04.28; 6, B. Lowes 1.07 23; 7, R. Kerr 1.12.56.

Next week’s events: Monday, 10-mile TT Abbotsford; Wednesday ESCA EGM at Meadowbank Edinburgh, all BCF members welcome (please take your licence); Thursday, August 18, rearranged 25-mile TT Langshaw road end A7.


On Monday night, Kelso Wheelers held a 10-mile time trial on the Carham course. Sixteen riders took part with eight recording personal best times despite a strong crosswind.

On the night Kenny Darling powered his way home in the top time of 22.42 minutes.

Other results: 2, D. Walker 23.09pb; 3, M. Burgher 23.33pb; 4, J. Smith 23.54pb; 5, R. Ure 24.55pb; 6, S. Gaunt 25.45pb; 7, C. Stevenson 25.57; 8, D. Richardson 26.10pb; 9, K. Wilson 26.30; 10, J. Gayzcak 26.45pb; 11, D. Blythe 26.50pb; 12, R. Connell 26.53; 13, G. Dalglish 28.55; 14, R. Smith 31.07; 15, A. Ker 31.50; 16, D. Whitecross 32.53pb.

On Monday the Club Hill Climb Championship will be held on the Stichill Course which will be slightly altered because of road works. Please sign in at Croft Park no later than 6.30pm.