Wilson goes crackers

In the first weekend of the winter competitions, Tug Wilson went berserk, finishing his nine holes 2,2,5,2 for a net 29 and a tight grip on the crackers.

In second place was Les “Runner-up” Rutherford who had a creditable scratch 67 for his two nines on Saturday.

This week’s sympathy goes to Dante Brugnoni whose excellent two at the sixth was spoiled by an infernal ten at the eighth.

Results: 1, R. J. Wilson nett 29; 2, L. Rutherford 30; 3, D. Robbie 31. Twos to win crackers: L. Rutherford, N. Roxburgh, D. Brugnoni, W. S. Walton and, of course, Tug Wilson with three of them.

On Sunday the Muir Cup was won by Jen Robertson and Peter Henderson, with Jean Beattie and Jim Farrell runners-up.