Weather turns trials into ... trials

Gala CC

THERE was double trouble for Gala cyclists last week as the club held its 10 and 20.8-mile time trials.

Bitterly cold biting winds curtailed riders’ performances for the first, shorter, event at which a good turnout brought with it an array of varying times. A more pleasant evening met the longer second race, where, unfortunately, the route had to be altered to accommodate roadworks. An agreed route was decided by the participants.

Event one results: 1, G. Lawrie 24.15; 2, D. Johnston 24.26; 3, I. Pearson 24.48; 4, S. Mills 25.01; 5, S. Lowes 25.23; 6, A. Meikle 25.56; 7, B. Lowes 26.18; 8, B. Hamilton 26.33; 9, R. Hope 26.38; 10, S. Purves 26.43; 11, T. Lamb 27.25; 12, R. Kerr 27.37; 13, J. Weston 28.42; 14, A. Cowburgh 30.06.

Event two results: 1, D. Johnston 49.54; 2, G. Lawrie 50.05; 3, I. Pearson 50.51; 4, S. Mills 51.12; 5, B. Hamilton 54.09; 6, B. Lowes 55.27.

Christened the Braw Lads’ Breaker, the inaugural Galashiels Cycling Club Sportive will take place on Sunday, July 3.

The event allows the option of two distances: 50 miles and 109 miles.

Starting in Galashiels the route rolls along the quiet back roads to Innerleithen, Heriot and Stow. From Stow riders will encounter the famous hill climb used for the club’s time trial before continuing to Langshaw, Gattonside, Leaderfoot and climb to the stunning vantage point of Scott’s View. Entrants can then enjoy the descent through Dryburgh before heading to St Boswells and Maxton.

The route then winds itself past Nisbet heading for Morebattle and Hownam. From here there are some significant climbs over to Jedburgh and Lanton. Finally the route heads home via Denholm, Lilliesleaf, Midlem, the Eildon Hills and Melrose.

The short route heads back to the finish before going through Gattonside. Contact David Johnston on 01896 753637 or email: or visit for further information.


ON Monday night, Kelso Wheelers held a 10-mile time trial on the Birgham course, with 22 riders taking part and 11 recording personal best times.

Results: 1, J. Smith 23.10; 2, T. Murray 23.23; 3, D. Walker 23.33; 4, D. Burgher 24.05; 5 equal, I. McKenzie pb, R. Ure 24.28pb; 7, C. Stevenson 25.05; 8, D. Richardson 25.06pb; 9, S. Gaunt 25.07pb; 10, F. McColl 25.38; 11, K. Wilson 25.59; 12, R. Connell 26.14; 13, G. Easson 26.16pb; 14, C. Davis 26.18pb; 15, J. Gayzcak 26.33pb; 16, D. Blythe 27.13pb; 17, A. Ker 28.31; 18, J. Blythe 28.39pb; 19, G. Dalglish 28.55pb; 20, R. Smith 29.32; 21, D. Whitecross 30.36pb.

Next week is the five-mile continental hill climb, please sign in at Croft Park no later than 6.30pm.