Wake-up call for Fjordhus

Watsonians 4

Borders Fjordhus 1


BORDERS had a disappointing start to the season on Saturday with a 4-1 defeat against Watsonians – a score which did little to reflect the possession the visitors had for the majority of the game.

The first 10 minutes they dominated, putting a lot of pressure on the home side’s defence. A reactive keeper denied shots from Siobhan Murphy, Laura McLean and Janet Jack.

Watsonians stepped up the pace with a few fast breaks. The Borderers’ defence, marshalled by Pippa Bell, recovered well and kept them in the game. New recruit Emily Newlands worked the ball well down the flank with Denise Fairbairn, creating opportunities up front for Elena Lunn and McLean.

However, Watsonians kept attacking and by half-time, Fjordhus were still in the game, but two goals down.

Tiredness kicked in quite early on for the visitors and after some scrappy play, and after several warnings from the umpire, Karen Cornwall was the recipient of a yellow card, leaving Borders with 10 players for 10 minutes.

Watsonians took full advantage of the visitors being a player down and scored two more goals.

The Borderers retaliated and were not giving up in the game, but with the home side’s keeper having a stormer, the ladies needed to pull something out the bag.

Eventually, Laura McLean was rewarded with the visitors’ only goal from a penalty corner.

Fjordhus applied a lot of pressure in the last 10 minutes, but they had to settle for a defeats.

The ladies have a lot to take away from the game and this will be their wake-up call in preparation for their first home game against Inverleith in Hawick on Saturday.

Borders Fjordhus: G. Bradley, P. Bell, C. Townsend, E. Newlands, M. Scott, D. Fairbairn, K. Cornwall, J. Jack, S. Murphy, E. Lunn, L. Mclean, E. Jack.