Tweedsiders take two in a row

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KELSO HIGH SCHOOL were victorious for the second year running after another close final with Selkirk in Saturday’s South Schools S3 Hockey Tournament.

The competition featured all nine Borders high school hockey teams who all contributed much to the tournament, displaying formidable talent and great sportsmanship.

Two pools were played, at Tweedbank and Earlston, and after defeating Peebles High, Berwickshire High and Galashiels Academy, Earlston and Selkirk topped their pool with great play shown throughout the morning. Selkirk came out on top after Scottish under-16 player Iona Kellett scored numerous goals.

Kelso had defeated Hawick and Eyemouth before edging a victory over Jedburgh Grammar, and both teams made their way over to Earlston for the semi-finals.

Kelso were first on and played Group B runners-up Earlston. Laura Runciman and her team put up a hard fight until the eighth minute when Megan Brennan scored her second goal of the tournament, followed by another one to see the Tweedsiders through.

Jedburgh Grammar played Selkirk High in the second semi, with Iona Kellett, Maris Cawthorn and Grace Forster being the goal scorers for the latter, meaning Lucy Gibson and her team had to settle for third place.

After four hours of great play, Kelso met Selkirk in the final. Emma Pate and Susan Knox umpired, while Mary Weir (Kelso) and Katie Dunn (Selkirk) stood by cheering and coaching their teams on.

Eventually the nerves were calmed when Kelso’s Izzy Kyle scored a goal in the bottom left corner of the goal in the 12th minute. Selkirk tried fighting back, but Mary’s strong team could not be defeated and her team returned to Kelso triumphant.

Kelso S3: Harriett Norris, Gemma Bootman, Tilda Kerse, Jodie Osbourne, Florence Macé, Jessica Howlett, Tara Aitchison, Leona Porteous, Katherine Petty, Lara Patterson (captain), Izzy Kyle, Imogen Johnstone-Jones, Katie Fairgrieve and Megan Brennan.