Tug pulls it off in miserable weather despite early-season fall

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IN LAST weekend’s Christmas Crackers Competition played in rain and gale force winds, one player stood above the rest.

After a serious fall some weeks ago, and armed (or legged really) with two new knees, R. J. (Tug) Wilson made a comeback that would tug at your heart strings. He finished with a heroic two at the last to see off a pack of golfers just one shot adrift.

This week’s sympathy goes to Ian Wilkie, who after a flying start – 7,4,7 – had a bumpy landing to finish up amongst the also-rans.

There were only three twos – the aforementioned Tug Wilson, Tom Welsh at the seventh and Alan Brown at the second where, after a thunderous drive, he faced a two-foot putt described as “just within his range.” Yes, of course he sank it.

Next weekend it is the big Christmas competition – the three-man Texas Scramble for Turkeys sponsored by Darren Hogan of T. Waters the Butchers. –A.M.


Winter League Round 5 (sponsored by Halliwells): 1, S. Brown 41 points; 2, A. Lindores 35; 3, T. Davies 33. Twos: A. Lindores, S. Brown, S. Pettie.

Recording the two best scores of November and winning the Halliwells voucher is S. Brown with 81 points.