Too good for capital side

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Borders Fjourdhus 3

Heriot’s 1


IN contrast to the terrible conditions the week before it was a sunny spring afternoon as Fjordhus hosted Heriot’s at Tweedbank.

The Borderers put the pressure on from the start, but Heriot’s closed down in pairs and played a man-to-man marking tactic.

A Robertson strike found the keeper’s pads for Karen Cornwall to pounce on and play a drop pass to Rachael Hunniford to open the scoring.

Fjordhus started the second half quite flat and Heriots were determined to bring themselves back into the game.

The visitors had their best period of the match with some neat passing moves in midfield, then from nowhere – from defending in their own 25 – played the ball up the pitch where the home side defence were caught off-guard and the city ladies levelled the scores.

From this, the home side retaliated and managed to win several penalty corners from a lot of pressure in the Heriot’s circle.

Sarah Robertson found the backboard from a straight strike.

And the Borderers’ third and final goal came from a training ground move.

Denise Fairbairn took a quick long corner, to Robertson who drove the baseline and popped the ball back to Elena Lunn to find the back of the net.

Borders Fjordhus: N. Dunkley, C. Powner, J. Scott, R. Hunniford, D. Fairbairn, J. Jack, K. Cornwall, L. Anderson, S. Robertson, E. Lunn, M. Douglas.