Time trial results from Galashiels and Peebles


OVER the weekend, four riders went off to Levens and took part in a double header, racing a 10-mile TT on Saturday evening and a 25-miler early on Sunday morning. It was a very successful trip for Paul Anderson and David Johnston, who again set new personal best times.

10-mile TT results: 1, G. Robson 21 minutes 26 seconds; 2, D. Johnston 22.14 pb; 3, P. Anderson 22.40 pb; 4, J. Logan 22. 54.

25 mile TT results: D. Johnstone 59.14 pb; Paul Anderson 1.01.04 pb.

Next Wednesday sees the very popular Selkirk Golfie Continental TT take place, leaving from Abbotsford on to Selkirk over the golf course to St Boswells and returning via the Melrose by-pass, passing Tweedbank and not forgetting the finish on top of the rise at Abbotsford. Sign on from 6.20pm, numbers 6.45pm, race starts 7pm.


RIDERS had almost perfect cycling conditions for the 25-mile Peebles-Leadburn-Peebles route, with barely a breath of wind.

Less than one minute separated the top four riders, with current champion Charlie Brindley narrowly beating Kevin Chalmers to take first place for the first time this season.

Results: 1, C. Brindley 65.08; 2, K. Chalmers 65.26; 3, S. Noble 66.01; 4, D. Murray 66.02; 5, T. May 68.23; 6, P. Jardine 70.50; 7, R. McPherson 71.39; 8, S. MacNeil 72.39; 9, G. Watt 75.01; 10, E. Baxter 80.21; 11, B. Hindley 95.37; 12, C. Lane 97.31.

Calum Magowan recorded his second victory over the Peebles-Howford-Peebles course this season, with a time of 26.10. Colin Fergus was second, having cut Calum’s lead of 30 seconds back in April down to a winning margin of just six seconds.

Results: 1, C. Magowan 26.10; 2, C. Fergus 26.16; 3, K. Chalmers 26.45; 4= T. May, S. MacNeil 28.06; 5, P. Jardine 28.17; 6, R. MacPherson 28.43; 7, T. Stephen 29.19; 8, G. Watt 30.21; 9, B. Beattie 30.34; 10, D. Waterson 31.53; 11, B. Hindley 32.10; 12, F. Gillies 32.29; 13, C. Jardine 32.38; 14, E. Baxter 32.53; 15, J. Douglas 34.45.