Three R’s learn lessons

It is mid-way through the first half of the East District U14 league season and the Fjordhus Reivers teams of the Rockets, Rangers and Raiders are developing well.

The Rockets were in action this week in League A, where they met the strong defensive opposition of Inverleith Lions.

Despite enjoying 90 per cent of the possession and numerous goal-scoring opportunities, they could not convert past the solid Inverleith keeper and the result was a 0-0 draw. Their second match was a highly-contested affair against Dunfermline Carnegie – a fantastic match to watch - and the Rockets clinched a goal to win 1-0. Notable performances came from Toby Dawson, Paul Goldie, Hannah Kemp and Issie French.

The Rangers played two matches in League B where Inverleith Tigers were able to convert their chances against the brave goalkeeping of Ellen Keefe, FT 0-3. An excellent demonstration in skills from Carnegie B resulted in a 0-6 defeat, but the Rangers grew in confidence over the course of the game and started to connect as a team. Jodie Sinclair, Nicholas Henderson, Jenny Sharp and Jamie Clarke led the team from start to finish showing strength, desire, belief and motivation throughout.

Fjordhus Reivers Raiders are in action this Sunday (November 2) against Grange Panthers and Kelso.