Thirds take three for first in weekend double

Fjordus Reivers III3

Ross High1

Fjordhus Reivers started slowly on Saturday against Ross High and the visitors took advantage of this by taking the lead after 10 minutes.

Reivers upped the anti by using slick one touch passes through the mid field of Julia Corcoran, Caitlin Wright and Chloe Richardson to find the forward line in space high up in the oppositions half. Some sustained pressure from Leona Porteous and Katie McLaren resulted in a goal to level before half time.

Defensively Reivers grew in confidence and were able to deal with early pressure with Claire McCall and Emma Grieve marking expertly to protect their goal line.

Using impressive individual skill, pace and determination, Wright went on a mazy run deep from within her own half to thwart many tackles and smash the ball into the goal. The final 10 minutes of the match were all about Reivers, who played some excellent transitional hockey, making use of the whole pitch. After an initial fine save from the keeper, Chloe Richardson secured the game when she caught the rebound and found the net with a bullet of a shot.