Teviotdale athletes get slippy with it

TEVIOTDALE Harriers have been keeping themselves busy over the last couple of weeks with races at both district and local levels.

Members travelled to Livingstone for the second East District races, where conditions were not too bad.

However, after having trouble with one section in particular, one senior Harrier described her experience as, “Bambi trying to run on ice,” the mud was so bad. Racing in the under-11 girls’ section, Lucy Graham disagreed.

“It was not muddy enough!” she said.

Despite the odd mudbath, though, all the Teviotdale runners did not too badly.

Harriers results – Under-11 boys and girls: Fraser Clyne (8th in 6.14); Lucy Graham (30th in 7.54) Under-13 boys and girls: Jamie Waugh (35th in 10.49); Joseph Tottman (43 in 11.11); David Mercer (44 in 11.11); Ishbel Inglis (35th in 11.14); Emma Grieve (45th in 12.19).

Under-17 girls: Catherine Mercer (41st in 16.52).

Ladies: Pam Paxton (76th in 31.12); Catriona Young (99th in 35.08); Sylvia Grieve (107th in 38.41).

Men: Derek Scott (62nd in 38.08); Alan Inglis (117th in 41.00); Alan Coltman (209th in 49.49).

On Saturday afternoon the 47th Burns Club Races took place on a pleasant but cold day, with the underfoot conditions still a little slippy.

This is the only race on the calendar that the men get to go off first. This is also a social day, courtesy of Hawick Burns Club.

Results – Men (Will Clark Trophy): 1, Colin Nichol (20.29); 2, Craig Grieve (20.42); 3, Alan Samuals (20.54).

Under-11 boys: 1, Ben Morrozo (8.41); 2, Fraser Clyne (8.43); 3, Duncan Little (8.47).

Under-13 girls: 1, Sophie Allott (8.44); 2, Emma Grieve (8.47); 3, Skye Patterson (9.11).

Under-17 boys (Burns Club Trophy): 1, Nathaniel Jones (16.54); 2, Jamie Waugh (17.01); 3, Joseph Tottman (17.25).

Ladies: 1, Pam Paxton (17.14); 2, Sylvia Grieve (17.22); 3, Samantha Ballintyne (17.24).

All trophies and medals where presented after the races in the Burns Club.