Tartan track test for Border athletes

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Former Jedburgh Games 110m handicap winner Keiran Kivlin is backmarker for the Meadowmill Games 100m handicap on Sunday.

Kivlin runs from a mark of 1.5m in the three-heat event.

Kelso’s Andrew Hogarth (14m) and Euan Pettigrew (8.5m) as well as Jenna Gillan (21m) and Lee Goodfellow (11m) from TLJT, plus Hawick pair Ryan Elliot (5.5m) and David Lauder (10m) are amongst the Borders sprinters set to be in action in East Lothian.

In the 1,500m handicap, TLJT twosome, Adam Craig (80m) and Gavin Tait (260m), Cameron Burnett, Chirnside (140m); Wayne McIntosh, Kelso (180m); and Alistair Laurie, Selkirk (325m) are the Borders representatives.

The Meadowmill card brings about a joint junior/youth 100m handicap which consists of six heats.

Kieran Munro, TLJT; (22.5m), Robbie Renwick, Peebles (6.5m); Euan Hood, Moorcroft (16m); Josh Abbot, Kelso (18m); Fraser Clyne, Hawick (24.5m); Joey Brown, Gala Harriers (23.5m); Archie Fuller, Chirnside (29m); and Cameron Tindle, Berwick (scratch) are some of the Border youngsters included in this one.