Swim stars splash out

The East District Age Group Championships finished on Sunday, and another haul of medals was gratefully whisked back to the Borders by the local elite swimming team.

Coached by Alex Jordan, the swimmers’ East District tally is now 26 medals (8 gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze) with one competition still to go.

When you consider the tally last year was 16 and the year before that nine, the benefits of the sheer hard work put in by all involved are there for all to see.

Saturday and Sunday saw the finals of the 100m events and the Borderers recorded four gold, three silver and three bronze medals.

Individual results were as follows: Kirsty Armstrong, 11 years old, Kelso ASC: gold 100m breaststroke, 100m East District Age Group record achieved in heat and another record achieved at the 50m mark of her final, gold 100m butterfly;, silver 100m freestyle, bronze, 100m backstroke, has now achieved four British Age Group Championship qualifying times; Amy Fraser, 16, Gala ASC: gold 100m butterfly;

Morgan Anderson, 13, Kelso ASC: gold 100m breaststroke; Scott Wilcox, 17, Teviotdale ASC: silver 100m freestyle, bronze 100m breaststroke; Lucy Hope, 14, Kelso ASC: silver 100m backstroke; Jessica Wilcox, 15, Teviotdale ASC: bronze 100m freestyle.