Success on a Plate

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Berwickshire 24

Earlston 23



Results from matches in the earlier rounds had suggested that the Plate final may be close, but no-one expected this.

It entertained from the start with the teams displaying very contrasting styles. Berwickshire were fast and driving, compared with Earlston’s more controlled and accurate passing.

Goals alternated with Earlston taking a slight 6-5 lead by the first break. Into the second quarter and Berwickshire came out fighting, turning around the score in their favour by 13-11 at half-time.

Into the second half and Earlston found a purple patch, some crisp interceptions from their defence creating turnovers, and safe handling through the centre court providing more opportunities for their shooters gave them an 18-15 lead going into the final quarter.

But no-one should rule out Berwickshire in the closing minutes of a game when they are always at their most dangerous.

Some fierce drives from defence saw them clawing back the goals, so that with 10 seconds to play the scoreline was even at 23 goals apiece.

An obstruction error by Earlston’s defence provided a last-second penalty shot for Berwickshire, which was taken accurately to give them the winning goal.

Berwickshire: K. White, K. Cowe, Z. Lunn, L. Patterson, R. Anderson, N. Davidson, E. MacEachen.

Earlston: L. Maguire, A. Taddei, P. Miller, L. Robertson, F. Purves, E. McDonagh, L. Neville, S. Tolland.