Strong showing at duke’s foxhounds hunter trial

At the recent Duke of Buccleuch’s Foxhounds Hunter Trial, some very promising results were achieved.

The trial, which took place in Newhall, gave the Borders a chance to show off some of the talent that the region has produced. The results show that the area has a strong group of people that other competitors need to look out for.

Results – Class 1A (Nursery Adult): 1, Cammy Kyle (Millie); 2, Kieran Ashforth (Tulla); 3 equal, Lyn Galloway (She’s Just Magic) and Sarah Thompson (JindaLee); 5, Lesley Douglas (Lola); 6, Marita Gibson (Darkwood Peri); 7, Lesley Douglas (Joy); 8, Alan Lindsay (Rosco).

Class 1B (Nursery Adult): 1, Kelly Bryson (Innis); 2, Hannah Wilson (Sinorita Todd); 3, Sophie Finch (Fleurs); 4, Julie Lowrie (Zola); 5, Denise Murrow (JP); 6, Liz Fletcher (Clee View); 7, Calum Crawford (Jack); 8, Tessa Harrison (Borthwickshiels Floyd). Best Buccleuch: Kieran Ashford. Best Veteran: Sarah Thompson.

Class 2 (Junior Nursery): 1, Minty Scott-Watson (Mister Starbus); 2, Rowan Henderson (Cinders); 3, Iona Kerr (Murphy); 4, George Crawford (Quizzy); 5, Connie Wishart (Waros); 6, Jessica Friel (Harry); 7, Ellie Tomple (Guiness); 8, Sarah Hislop (Spirit).

Class 3 (Adult/Novice Open): 1, Angela Barrowclough (WillowGlen); 2, Katie Turner (Tadpole); 3, Camillan Martin (Wiggle); 4, Emma McCallum (Polly); 5, Louise Clark (Archie); 6, Caroline PennyCrook (Commanche Creek); 7, Fraser Ainslie (Groovy); 8, Cindy Onslow (Bailey).

Best Buccleuch: Emma McCallum.

Best Veteran: James Denne.

Class 4 (Junior/Novice Open): 1, Jeanie Robertson (Father Ted); 2, Harry Crombie (Gregale); 3, Sarah Hislop (Ammi); 4, Steph Adams (Roxy); 5, Millie Green (Miss Katy); 6, Libby Todd (Murphy).