Storming display sees leaders beaten

Reivers 2

Carnegie IV 1


FOR the second consecutive week the Reivers were at home – for what promised to be the toughest challenge of the season so far.

The visitors were the league leaders and had yet to lose a game this season.

The Reivers were psyched up for the match, showing levels of concentration rarely seen when it comes to the big games.

Captain Peter Cairns asked his team for total commitment on the 50/50 balls.

“If you give Carnegie a chance they will play around us,” he told his men.

With a solid back four defence the Reivers did not look in great danger for most of the first half. There was a moment of concern when the defence were left a man down after Rory Jackson was sent off on a green card, but the remaining defenders demonstrated that they were more than capable without him.

The midfield combination of Tim Watkin (man of the match), Graham Lofthouse and Jonathan Fletcher performed well maintaining possession and getting the ball up the park.

However, the first half was agonising for the strikers. Numerous opportunities were not converted and the fear was that Carnegie would get into the game before the Reivers had scored.

That fear was laid to rest just before half-time, however, when a good strike by Andrew Bell finally found its target.

The aim of the second half was to build on the lead. Bell scored again with assistance from Spencer Pitman early in the second half and there was an impressive performance from Abdul Rajput, demonstrating total commitment which was nearly rewarded with a third goal.

However, Carnegie are league leaders for a reason. The second half was a tight game for the Borderers. The flowing hockey that had been played became increasingly unsettled as the period progressed with numerous interceptions by the visitors leaving the hosts to chase the ball. Carnegie had the bulk of possession, leaving Reivers to defend their lead which started to look a little fragile.

A goal towards the end of the second half meant that there was pressure on the Reivers for the last 10 minutes and enormous relief when the final whistle was blown.

Reivers: P. Cairn, S. Young, P. Conkie, C. Stockdale, R. Jackson, S. Girvan, S. Pitman, G. Lofthouse, T. Watkin, J. Fletcher, A. Bell, P. Forster and A. Rajput.