Speedway: Sudden Sam returns to Shielfield

Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth
Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth

BERWICK’S speedway season concludes on Saturday night with an international squad of riders turning out to raise funds for the ongoing welfare of Berwick star Ricky Ashworth.

Among the stars turning up will be 52-year-old former World Champion “Sudden Sam” Ermolenko, who will be donning his race-suit and crash helmet “one last time” to ride for Ricky!

Ermolenko, from Maywood, California, was one of the world’s top riders for a fifteen-year period between 1985 (when he only lost the World Title after a run-off with the Danish stars Neilsen and Gundersen) and the millennium. His glory year was 1993, when he was crowned World Champion at Pocking in Germany.

Sam raced for Sheffield Tigers during the 1996 season, and has retained strong links with the Yorkshire club, readily agreeing to turn out on Saturday as their designated No 8 rider in aid of Ashworth who is still lying unconscious in Salford Royal Infirmary, 50 days after his crashing out of the club’s Premier League match at Scunthorpe.


Berwick: 1, Kenneth Hansen (Denmark); 2, David Bellego (France); 3, Jakub Jamrog (Poland); 4, Matthew Wethers (Australia); 5, Kevin Doolan (Australia); 6, Dimitri Berge (France); 7, Paul Starke (England); 8, Liam Carr (England).

Sheffield: 1, Richie Worrall (England); 2, Andre Compton (England); 3, Andy Tully (Scotland); 4, Danny Maasen (Germany); 5, Theo Pijper (Netherlands); 6. Damien Koppe (Australia); 7, Facundo Albin (Argentina); 8, Sam Ermolenko (USA).