Souters set for Earlston excursion

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EARLSTON Games has came around a bit to quickly for the Selkirk Track and Field athletes and it will be a rather depleted squad that travels to the Haugh on Saturday.

However, coaches Stephen Nisbet, Colin Bruce and David Knox are optimistic about the forthcoming season and are looking forward to taking their small squad to the opening event this weekend.

Coach Nisbet told the Wee Paper: “We have a lot of runners missing this week because of injuries, holidays and school trips but the ones left behind will do their best.

“We’re not expecting any wins, or even places, at Earlston after seeing the handicaps, but we’ll all go and try our best. We have a lot of championship races coming up over the summer and we hope to have everyone back and fit before we go looking for medals.”

Allan Smith (8m & 18m), Nyle Godsmark (10.5m & 20m) and Craig Douglas (17.5m & 40m) go in the senior 90 and 200. All three have recovered from injury and hope to do well. Greg Gibson (55m & 95m) goes in the senior 800 and 1600 with Ally Laurie (280m) joining him in the longer event. Craig Bruce goes in youths 90 and 200, and Zaynah Aziz is in the youths 800.

Other entries from Selkirk are: 90m Open Sprint: G. Keen (10m); M. Cockburn (12m); C. Bruce (8.5m). 200m Open: C. Bruce (17m); A. Stanners (12m); G. Keen (18m). 90m Veterans: C. Douglas (10m); C. Bruce (Scr). 90m & 200m Junior (9-12-year-old): C. Anderson (10m & 20m).

Selkirk Track and Field train every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5.30pm on the Burnmill rugby field.