Smith boys shoot to success at Arbroath

EARLSTON High School’s sporting all-rounder Martin Smithtook part in a triathlon at Arbro ath at the weekend.

Having competed at senior level throughout the winter, the 14-year-old from Westruther was entered in his own age group – junior boys – on Saturday.

Martin had a good shoot, an excellent run over 1,500m and swam a personal best. He had a good day and finished in top place once again.

Martin was not the only member of his family competing on Saturday. His nephew Jamie took part in his first triathlon.

Aged only six, Jamie competed in the intro section where he threw bean bags at a target instead of shooting, ran 500m and swam as far as he could in two minutes.

He did remarkably well for his first time and brought home an armful of rosettes – maybe one to watch in the future.

Both Martin and Jamie are competing again this weekend at Grangemouth.