Smashing weather ... not really

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BRAVEHEART tennis players contested the worst weather to date at the recent Tennis Borders Junior Confined Tournament.

Battling the elements as well as the opposition, 142 competitors from 12 affiliated clubs played in 24 events at Kelso Orchard Tennis Club & Kelso High School, with the eight, nine and 10 & under age groups at St Boswells Lawn Tennis Club.

Play was lost twice during the week-long event, but mostly the weather didn’t deter the players, who continued through some fairly heavy downpours despite being invited to stop.

Some games took shortened formats to enable all events to be completed.

Results (C = consolation event for first match losers)

18 & under

Mixed doubles: 1, Lauren McCulloch (Earlston) & Lewis Armstrong (St Boswells); 2, Jessica Bennett & Michael Fairburn (Melrose Waverley); C-1, Claire Hill & Fergus Myer (Kelso Orchard); C-2, Rebecca Bruce (St Boswells) & Douglas Crawford (Melrose Waverley). Girls’ doubles: 1, Annabel Watson & Emily Watson (Selkirk); 2, Ailsa Jackson (St Boswells) & Lisa Kerr (Duns). No consolation event. Boys’ doubles: 1, Lewis Armstrong (St Boswells) & Michael Fairburn (Melrose Waverley); 2, Donald Crawford (Melrose) & Andrew McQuarrie (Duns LTC); C-1, Lee Brown & Ben Leslie (Kelso Orchard); C-2, Iain Henderson & Chris King (Kelso Orchard TC). Girls’ singles: 1, Lauren McCulloch (Earlston); 2, Lisa Kerr (Duns); C-1, Ailsa Jackson (St Boswells); C-2, Rebecca Bruce (St Boswells). Boys’ singles: 1, Michael Fairburn (Melrose Waverley); 2, Lewis Armstrong (St Boswells); C-1, Donald Crawford (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Lee Brown (Kelso Orchard).

16 & under

Girls’ doubles: 1, Annabel Watson & Emily Watson (Selkirk); 2, Claire Hill (Kelso Orchard) & Kirsty Millar (Duns); C-1, Hannah Bagley & Jessica Bagley (Berwick); C-2, Nicola Bruce & Rebecca Bruce (St. Boswells). Boys’ doubles: 1, Douglas Crawford & Andrew Robertson (Melrose Waverley); 2, Grant McWilliam (Duns) & Fergus Myer (Kelso Orchard); C-1, Angus Millar & Archie Robertson (Kelso Orchard); C-2, William Blair (St. Boswells) & Andrew Fleming (Kelso Orchard). Girls’ singles: 1, Emily Watson (Selkirk); 2, Annabel Watson (Selkirk); C-1, Tara Harvey (Duns); C-2, Rebecca Bruce (St. Boswells). Boys’ singles: 1, Lewis Armstrong (St. Boswells); 2, Craig Martin (Duns); C-1 Josh Raggio (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Donald Forrest (West Linton).

14 & under

Mixed doubles: 1, Tara Harvey & Jack McDonald (Duns); 2, Kirsty Millar & Gavin McQuarrie (Duns); C-1, Sophie Macbrayne & Jack Johnson (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Alanna Taddei & Dylan Fagan (Melrose Waverley). Girls’ doubles: 1, Nicola Berthelsen (West Linton) & Tara Harvey (Duns); 2, Catherine McQuarrie (Duns) & Lynsey Robertson (Earlston); C-1, Hannah Gaddie & Lucy Inglis (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Sophie Macbrayne & Lindsay Maguire (Melrose Waverley). Boys’ doubles: 1, Jack McDonald & Gavin McQuarrie (Duns); 2, Niklas Stingl (Kelso Orchard) & Joshua Thomson (Selkirk); C-1, Jack Johnson & Michael Palmer (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Dylan Fagan (Melrose Waverley) & Chris Gorrie (Peebles). Girls’ singles: 1, Francesca Blair (St. Boswells); 2, Tara Harvey (Duns); C-1, Lucy Inglis (Melrose Waverley); C-2, Lindsay Maguire (Melrose Waverley). Boys’ singles: 1, Gavin McQuarrie (Duns); 2, Jack McDonald (Duns); C-1, Thomas Otton (Innerleithen); C-2, Angus Barrie (Kelso Orchard).

12 & under

Girls’ doubles: 1, Zoe Bruce & Jessica Lemmon (St. Boswells); 2, Lisa Creamer & Alanna Taddei (Melrose Waverley). No consolation event. Boys’ doubles: 1, Sean Berthelsen (West Linton) & Niklas Stingl (Kelso); 2, Harry Graves & Angus Thomson (Kelso Orchard); C-1, Tom Aitken & Jamie Gordon (Innerleithen); C-2, Daniel Bullen & Ben Nicholson (Berwick). Girls’ singles: 1, Catherine McQuarrie (Duns); 2, Elizabeth Edmondson (Duns); C-1, Zoe Bruce (St. Boswells); C-2, Lorna Crawford (Earlston). Boys’ singles: 1, Niklas Stingl (Kelso Orchard); 2, Sean Berthelsen (West Linton); C-1, Ben Nicholson (Berwick); C-2, Harry Graves (Kelso).

10 & under

Girls’ singles: 1, Robyn Elliot (Melrose Waverley); 2, Kirsten Rodwell (West Linton); 3, Susannah Godfrey-Faussett (Melrose Waverley); 4, Rosie Tile (St. Boswells). Boys’ singles: 1, Calum Arnott (St. Boswells); 2, Andrew Hogg (Berwick); 3 equal, Adam Fawcus (Berwick), Lachlan Gaddie (Melrose Waverley).

Nine & under

Girls’ singles: 1, Robyn Harvey (Duns); 2, Zara Elliot (Melrose Waverley); 3, Ellen Crawford (Earlston); 4, Hannah Flack (St. Boswells). Boys’ singles: 1, Harris Brogan (Wilton Park & Hawick); 2, Marcus Brogan (Wilton Park & Hawick); 3 equal, Ben Scott (Wilton Park & Hawick), Christian Townsend (St Boswells).

Eight & under

Girls’ singles: 1, Robyn Harvey (Duns LTC); 2, Stephanie Wright (Melrose Waverley); 3, Kate Arnott (St. Boswells); 4, Ava Scott (Wilton Park & Hawick). Boys’ singles: 1, Harris Brogan (Wilton Park & Hawick); 2, Alexander Ramage (St. Boswells); 3, Oscar Onley (Kelso Orchard); 4, Marcus Brogan (Wilton Park & Hawick).