Smashing Scottish win for Moodie at Racewall

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GORDON MOODIE stole the headlines at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night when he went on to win the formula II Scottish Championship in an exciting final.

Raymond Dick rolled his car in a crowded main straight during one of the heats, wrecking his wing and damaging the wing of Holly Glen as he rolled.

Although the caravan race didn’t work out as planned Malcolm Lumsden managed to get the better of two saloons and it was only when Lindsay Wilson got into the pick up did the caravan get wrecked.

There was a minute’s applause at the start to the meeting in remembrance of Steve Newman who tragically died at the British saloon Championship at Mildenhall.

Amongst the visiting formula II drivers was Mark Simpson the World Champion, 4 from the South West and one from Burnley whilst the local drivers were Paul Ford (Earlston), John Hogg (Berwick) and Wullie Draeger (Moffat).

The field was split into three groups with each driver racing twice to determine their grid position. In heat one Ford was the runner up and then in heat three ended up in ninth place but neither Hogg nor Draeger picked up places.

Moodie went through to win the final with Ford in ninth place with the latter collecting a fourth place in the Grand National.

Well that is the first half of the season over. The cars are at Skegness next Saturday and then the formula IIs head to Northampton for the European Championship. The next meeting at the Racewall is on the 14th July when the saloons return and are backed up by the lightning rods, prostox and junior bangers with the usual 6pm start.