Silver Arrow ends in matrimonial battle

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SELKIRK archers Mike and Elaine Pearson slugged it out on Sunday at Thirlestane in the eighth BLBS Silver Arrow competition, with Magic Mike coming out on top in the wand competition.

Bowmen and women from all over the country turned up to shoot the national target round, from which the seeding was made for the wand event, in which they went head-to-head to crack a narrow plank of wood from 60 yards.

It looked for a while as if last year’s winner Doug Anderson could be set for a final place against his grandson Kyle Fairbairn, but they were both put out in the quarter-finals.

Mike took the honours – but Elaine did not leave empty handed, winning the medal for the ladies’ target shoot in the morning, with the gents’ medal going to Jim Dodd.

The “alternative wand” which is shot by those who have been knocked out was won by Gary Nelson, who received the “twisted arrows” as his prize.

The prizes were presented by host Captain Gerald Maitland-Carew.

Results: Ladies’ national round: most hits, Elaine Pearson 44 hits, 194 score, 3 golds; highest score, Penny Axon 36, 126, 3; most golds, Elizabeth Normand 27, 95, 2.

Gents’ national round: most hits, Jim Dodd 66, 330, 5; highest score, Doug Anderson 57, 241, 3; most golds, William Good 40, 164, 6.

Juniors’ national round: most hits, Kyle Fairbairn 11, 33, 1.

Ettrick Forest Archers places – mixed round: 2, Doug Anderson 57, 241, 3; 4, Mike Pearson 49, 219, 3 ; 5, Richard Tice 48, 218, 5; 6, Elaine Pearson 44, 194, 3; 8, William Good 40, 164, 6; 13, Ev Craig 24, 62, 1; 14, Jim Craig 23, 95, 2; 17, Kyle Fairbairn 11 33 1.