Ship A stay afloat despite Waverley running them close

TITLE favourites Ship A top Division One of the Borders Pool League after a narrow victory over Waverley A last week.

Reivers A and B both keep up the pressure though with steady wins, while Dryburgh eased past old rivals Fleece.

In Division Two Red Lion Kelso went down to the Station dream team, but stay top from Niki’s B. Station and Waverley B are all level on points, but two behind the Red Lion. Yet to win a game, Abbotsford, Frankie’s and Bridge A are all fighting hard for the Spoon.

Results – Division One: Ship A (Melrose) 5 Waverley A (Hawick) 4; Reivers B (Gala) 7 Ship B (Melrose) 2; Reivers A (Gala) 7 High Level A (Hawick) 2; Dryburgh (Newtown) 6 Fleece (Selkirk) 3.

Division Two: Waverley B (Hawick) 5 Bridge A (Gala) 4; Bridge B (Gala) 6 Abbotsford (Gala) 3; High Level B (Hawick) 5 Frankie’s (Hawick) 4; Red Lion (Kelso) 3 Station (Hawick) 6.