Selkirk to host UK championships

THE ever-popular MTB-Marathon Series is set to roll into the Borders once again and this year the World Champions are joining in as well.

For the last seven years, Selkirk has been a regular on the UK mountain bike scene and a strong contender for the ‘best in series’ event in the MTB Series.

2012 will be another year for the Chain Reaction Cycles MTB Marathon Series, powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport, to pay Selkirk a visit.

But this year things will be different.

To start with, it is taking place much earlier in the year – on May 19-20 to be exact – and, more importantly, this time round the series will also host the UK MTB-Marathon Championships. In the past, the championships have been lap-based events where riders had to complete three to five laps of a set course. This made it potentially easier for the riders and their support crew, but also took the adventure aspect of the long distance away from the challenge.

2012 will be different with the UK MTB-Marathon Championships being run on one big 85km long loop.

To give the races a clean run of the course, the event will start ahead of the normal non-competitive marathon, but will be run on the much-loved full-distance course.

The BCF-sanctioned event will take place on Sunday, May 20, and only riders with a valid BCF racing licence can take part in the race.

The entry for the UK Marathon Championships will close on May 7 and there is no entry on the day available.

National jerseys for the winners of the senior male, senior female, veteran male and veteran female categories will be given out, as well as medals for the first three places in these categories.

Anyone who doesn’t have a BCF licence can still get involved in the non-competitive marathon which will be run on the same course and will have the same support.

The only difference is that you are not in a race and will start just behind the UK National Championships.

The UK MTB-Marathon Championships are part of one big weekend of cycling activities around Selkirk. On May 19 the Vitus Road Sportives will be coming to town, while Sunday, May 20, is all about riding your mountain bike.

To enter, please go to the entry page of the MTB-Marathon website where you can apply either via the CRC website or downloadable entry form.

Entries to the UK Marathon Championships will close on May 7, while the entry to the non-competitive Selkirk marathons will stay open to the event weekend.