Season ends on a high

Waverley Inveresk Trinity 1

Borders Fjordhus 2


FJORDHUS made an impressive finish to the season with a win over Waverly Inveresk Trinity.

A win, draw or loss did not affect their league position – as they finished a creditable third.

The visitors travelled to the Bangholm pitches where a slow, sticky surface made the game difficult for both teams to distribute the ball to strikers.

Trinity were very close to stealing the opener but were denied a couple of times by the post and a reactive Alex McMinn in goal.

In the first half, it was end-to-end play and some hard work by Denise Fairbairn and Rachael Hunniford created problems for the home side.

Janet Jack and Pippa Bell also worked well to distribute the ball to the flanks. It was a Jack pass that created Borders’ first goal when the speedy Laura McLean picked up to fire the ball past the keeper.

Trinity applied pressure and in one instance were awarded a penalty flick to give them the equaliser.

Just before half-time Fjordhus went down to 10 players when Claire Townsend picked up an ankle injury.

After a Janet Jack team talk, the team changed their defending formation which proved to be successful and some hard work from Evonne Jack and Laura McLean up front cut out any chances of the ball coming through.

The workload was a lot harder, but Evonne Jack put the Borderers in front when a hard ball came in to the circle for her to deflect past the keeper.

Trinity didn’t really threaten the Borders goal in the last 10 minutes of the second half and some solid defending kept the ladies in front.

Borders Fjordhus: A. McMinn, P. Bell, C. Townsend, R. Hunniford, K. Cornwall, L. Hamilton, H. Hotchkiss, D. Fairbairn, J. Jack, L. McLean and E. Jack.