Scotts view doubles win

THE Border Doubles Final took place at White Swan, Kelso, on a small tricky table, with some tight games on show.

Stan Thomson and Rolf Brown eased their way into the final with good wins along the way to meet the two Scotts, Simpson and Bowers.

They had battled through a tough draw, especially when meeting teammates Craig Reid and Kev Mackay, who put up a good fight.

The final was tense, but the title eventually went the Scotts’ way as Bowers fudged out the chances and Simpson took advantage by potting the clearances.

Simpson told TheSouthern: “We took advantage of any opponents’ mistakes on a difficult table and there was never very much in any of the games.

“It’s just good to win the title and, of course, it’s our third in a row for the doubles, which is a great achievement for an old man.”