Saints alive! Clubs do wholly well

THIS week’s AGM round -up has a saintly aura about it, in that the seasons of the St Boswells and St Ronan’s clubsare reviewed in moderate detail, writes Alistair Lindsay.

A new and dynamic president has been installed at the St Boswells’ AGM, namely, Andrew Ker, for the next two seasons, with Roddy Maclean moving into the vice-presidency. Sisters Isla Forsyth and Kirsty Robb continue as secretary and treasurer respectively.

The club would seem to be aiming for the title deeds of the Dun trophy, having won it this past three years, while a poor start to their Agrii Border League campaign eventually saw them put on a mid-season burst of success, followed by a mild lapse at the end.

Long-time member Harry Dodds has almost completed a worthy two seasons as BIRC president, as well as being Border Curling’s voice at RCCC HQ over this last good while.

Harry is to be a member of the RCCC Canadian tourist squad early in the new year.

The club is in improving shape where membership is concerned, and ready for whatever comes its way next season.

Continuing the theme, St Ronan’s Curling Club has an increase in membership numbers thanks to press-gang efforts by Brenda Robertson.

At the helm of this motley crew is a judicious blend of Allan Watt and Richard Smith seemingly sharing secretarial and presidential duties with due diligence and decorum, with Peter Wright in charge of club funds.

The great annual fixture against Kelso, known as the Big Drip, in which the losers gain (or retain) this outrageous trophy, saw the object lodged in the Saintly trophy cabinet last season.

While the club is outwith the Border Province, its presence and companionship is a valuable asset to the rink, and long may this be so.