Road trips for Fjordhus

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Granite City Wanderers 0

Borders Fjordhus 2


ON A perfect weekend for playing hockey, Borders Fjordhus enjoyed a double dose of league action with games on both Saturday and Sunday.

First up was a long journey north to face Granite City Wanderers.

It didn’t take the Borders ladies long to get into the swing of things.

A goal in each half from Emily Newlands ensured the banter flowed for the equally long journey home.

Fjordhus: G. Bradley, P. Bell, J. Jack, D. Fairbairn, E. Newlands, J. Wilson, K. Cornwall, N. Weallans, S. Murphy, S. Mathers, E. Lunn, L. Mclean.

Inverleith 2

Borders Fjordhus 2


On Sunday, the ladies were on the road again, this time to face Inverleith.

A mix-up over the start time caught the Borderers on the hop for the first half and it was only some good old fashioned backs-to-the-wall defending that kept the score at 0-0 at half-time.

Strong words from captain Karen Cornwall and Pippa Bell encouraged the Borderers on to greater things in the second half.

Goals from Emily Newlands and Nicola Whealans lifted the team, but Inverleith, urged on by their extremely vocal coach, started the fightback and scored twice in quick succession to stun their visitors.

Fjordhus were clearly shocked to lose both goals.

Another four penalty corners were awarded to the home team and each time they were superbly defended by the Borderers, who put their bodies on the line on several occasions before the final whistle.

Fjordhus: G. Bradley, P. Bell, J. Wilson, E. Newlands, D. Fairbairn, N. Weallans, S. Mathers, K. Cornwall, S. Murphy, L. Dagg, L. Inglis, E. Lunn, L. McLean, S. Shiell.