Rhymers with reason

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MOVING vaguely alphabetically through the clubs, Earlston comes into the limelight this week, writes Alistair Lindsay.

Multi-functioning is the in thing, with Billy Byers as president of this strong club, as well as now being vice-president of the Border Province. Likewise, Wendy Henderson, as well as being club secretary is now president of the ladies’ section of the BIRC. Graeme Wilson is Billy’s understudy in the vice-presidency, while Jim Cullen counts the cash.

A strong unbeaten run in their Agrii Border League campaign in Section Two came to a halt in the Page play-offs, going down twice to Glendale in the finals. It must only be a matter of time before the Rhymers clinch this one.

In the meantime they won the Harry Hogg, which is sponsored by Border Chainsaw, aka Graeme Cowe, a seasoned club member if ever there was.

Next season will see a month’s absence of Jim Cullen, when he joins in the Canadian tour come January. Jim served a useful tour apprenticeship in 2009 on the Swiss tour which has whetted his appetite for further travel.

By comparison with season 2010-11, Foulden had a much lower profile last season, with there being one way traffic out of the trophy cabinet, only the glass to polish.

Nonetheless, the club moves on steadily, holding the John Martin Bonspiel and then its own invitation event, both being played in the best sporting tradition.

Wilma Cumming presides, Ian McCreath is second in command, the ever resilient Margaret Cadzow continues as secretary, and Ailsa Alsop is the financial chief.

The only Foulden resident member, John Hutchinson, presided over a busy Provincial season with great competence, the high spot being the American Tourist visit, a memorable and well handled event.

Four Foulden and/or Berwick Rotarian curlers went on an enjoyable though not overly successful American jaunt late in the season. They remain proudly anonymous.

The club is ever on the lookout for more members, age and gender optional.